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Thematic Sub-Report Object


The Thematic Subreport object is used when the report content requires thematic use. 

It is possible to create an object in the report by dragging it to a Query field Template report from the Fields tab on the report design screen. In order for this object to appear as a thematic object, the value "Thematic" is entered in the ViewStyle property. 

Thematic Object Properties

It has the following capabilities for the ViewStyleCustomAttributes property as well as having the public properties from the Query Result Report Object. 

The settings for the thematic object to be created are provided with the following values to be entered into the "viewStyleCustomAttributes" property. 

Example Value: TableName:GEOMAHALLE;ImageHeight:300;ImageWidth:440;ThematicTemplatePath:Dokuma/Dokuma.xml;LayerFilter:GEOYOL=0,GEOILCELER=0;BBox:4523408.58259119,431536.63631441,4547106.86209119,461024.46881441 

TableName: It is the name of the layer that will be the subject. 

ImageHeight: The height of the thematic image to be formed. 

ImageWidth: The width of the thematic image to be formed. 

ThematicTemplatePath: It is the path to the template to use when creating thematic. This value should be entered as; "Template group name"/"template name.xml". 

LayerFilter: It is used to set the layers to be shown in the theme. 

BBox: Values generated according to the projection type used in the map should be entered as CLL.X, CLL.Y, CUR.X, CUR.Y respectively, separated by a comma.