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Time Span


Time (date, time) can be used as the display editor of the type fields. As a result of the query, the time value on the grid is displayed with reference to the current time (5 minutes before, 2 days after, etc.). 

There are 3 different display types in the Editor that can be selected from the Date Display Type field. 

1) Verbal Date Display 

By default, the verbal date display shows the time difference in minutes, days, months, years as shown in the following screenshot.  

2) Advanced Verbal Date Display 

Unlike the verbal date display, it is the type in which the display patterns at certain time intervals can be parametrically adjusted. Month level, Week level, Day level and Year level are set separately and displayed in the way that they are set. The values above the year level are shown in standard date format. B 

3) Standard Date Display 

The standard date display shows the date as defined. 

HTML style setting (Optional) 

The html style can be set from this area while the date value is shown. The desired html style (text-align:center; display:inline; ....) is written in style section of the created field. The standard html style parameters apply. 



 Common Features of View Editors

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