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How to Create Query Pages?


A query page is an interface in which multiple queries related to an object are collected in here. The application manager can define default queries in this area. In addition to this, users can save their own queries as templates and add them to this field. This section shows how to add default queries by creating a new query page. 
  • Go to Management> Framework Operations> Object List select an object that you want to create query, press Query Pages, :


NETIGMA automatically creates Query Page for each its object, you can quickly use this page or edit and then use it.


  • Give some meaningful name, e.g Employee Finacial Data Quer Page, Close Hospital Location Based Info Query Page etc.


  • Select which queries should be included to the selected Query Page, press Querries :

  • Then move the selected queries to the Selected Attr. section:

    Data Sources

    If the selected object has relationships with other Netigma objects, then you'll see multiple queries in the Data Sources. And you can use these different objects' queries in one query page.